First Night in Tokyo

I have no pictures to upload yet, but may I say this in a blog? The typical American person could use some manners from a typical Japanese person. I accidentally bumped into a woman at a convenience store in the main Japanese airport of Tokyo, and she immediately began apologizing for something I felt was my fault. The more I tried to motion and say that I was “OK” with the situation, the more awkward the situation became. I think we ended in an “I’m sorry” stalemate game. I love the culture. AND IT’S SO QUIET AT NIGHT! Tomorrow we travel to Technos for the introduction ceremony…I’ve heard to BE PREPARED. Talk to y’all soon. (I’ve met some students from the UK and they say they love the “y’all.”) We’ll see how long that lasts.

– Alan


2 thoughts on “First Night in Tokyo

  1. Dr. Alewine, Hannah and Olivia,
    So glad to hear you have made it safe and sound. I am looking forward to reading your posts. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy!
    Patti Daniels


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